Ideas for Using Pinterest in Education
Find Classroom Inspiration -
  • Lesson Plan Ideas - Pinterest saves you time sorting through all the mounds of stuff on the internet! Browse and pin other people's ideas or add and share your own! It's a great way to organize lesson plans around holidays, specific standards, seasons, etc. The best part is you can save your ideas and use them at a later date. Try making Pinterest your first stop for new lesson ideas.
  • Inspiration to rearrange your classroom- Find & utilize ideas to liven up your classroom space or share your awesome classroom!
  • Gift & Craft ideas- It is amazing how creative other people are! You can find all types of craft and gift ideas for your students, parents and fellow teachers.
  • Find inspiration for your next bulletin board- What better way to find ideas for a bulletin board than a visual pin board? Pinterest has wonderful inspiration for bulletin boards. Save bulletin board ideas around a theme or organize by subject area. Take pictures of your own bulletin boards and pin those too!
  • Dream big - create your dream classroom!
  • Find inspiration and laugh after a long day! - I love looking through and reading all of the inspirational poems, sayings, etc. you can find on Pinterest. Just be sure to give credit and link back to the source.
  • Find great tech resources- Pinterest has a ton of resources for technology integration. Take advantage of it and try something new in your classroom using technology today!
  • Collect ideas for a virtual field trip (or even your dream vacation)!
  • Get ideas for assessment prep & teaching standards - I've found some really useful Common Core boards!
  • Find inspirational images for your lessons - A picture can say a thousand words can't it? Find pictures to teach inferencing, use images as a writing prompt or just a quote to inspire your students.
  • Web 2.0 Tools - I've found tons of boards on Web 2.0 tools and you will too!

Share the great things going on in your district, school or classroom-
  • Create a Pinterest Board for your District Atlanta Public Schools
  • Create a Board to share with your parents websites, or resources to help remediate or enrich the topics that students are studying in your classroom.
  • Link to games to enhance the topics you are studying in class that parents could have students access at home!
  • Create a board of how to videos that students could watch at home on topics related to homework. Use QR codes to link to these videos so parents could get information on how to help their child.
  • Use a Board to Display Student Work - Take pictures of student work and display it in a board
  • Share your blog or website with others
  • Share what you're doing in your classroom with parents, administrators and fellow teachers-

Professional Development:
  • Conference Summaries or notes - Create a MACE Board and Pin all of the wonderful websites and resources you learn about at MACE. Then when you return home you can go back and really "dig in" and explore them!
  • Organize ideas around a professional development priorities within your district
  • Use a collaborative board for a book study, prepare for an inservice day, share information you've found on topics that are your schools current focus. The possibilities are endless.
  • Organize a board around a book study.
  • Find your next Good Book - Whether it's professional reading or just for fun Pinterest has a ton of links to books! Review books you've read to help other people.
  • Find, share and store tutorials and videos that you will use for classroom instruction.
  • Discovery that lastest iPad or tablet App that you can utlize in your classroom.

  • Brainstorming - You and your colleagues or your students could create a board to brainstorm ideas on a topic.
  • Collaborate with other like teacher's from around the world like KinderChat
  • Pinterest can be a great place to collaborate. Share images for presentations or links to papers, resources, and research within your district or buildling.
  • Sharing Ideas- Pinterest allows you to follow people that have like interests as you. Whenever they pin something it will show up on your main board. Search for teacher's with like interests or collaborate with your grade level partner on a board.
  • Follow people or boards that interest you!

  • Organize your ideas- We all come across valueable resources daily on the web and Pinterest is a great place to store those ideas so that you can find them for later use. By creating descriptive boards it should make finding the idea later relatively easy.
  • Classroom Organization Ideas- Get great ideas to organize your classroom.
  • Think of Pinterest as your personal "cloud" use it for online storage. Store your lesson ideas, bulletin boards or other items you've created, even store your QR codes you've created so that you have them all in one place. Do remember though anything you pin can be repinned!

Use with your Students- Remember SIPA Rules you must be 13 to create an account
  • Have high school students collaborate on a research project by sharing information they found on a collaborative board.
  • Have students create pins related to a specific topic.
  • Share videos, projects, etc. they create with the larger community.

Make your classroom a better place to be
  • Get ideas for classroom management.
  • Increase your instructional strategies by finding and devloping new ideas.
  • Expand the walls of your classroom to reach around the world.
  • Stay up on lastest trends in education.
  • Create a class wish list of items that you would like to have donated!

Use Pinterest as a way for student to respond to a question:

Example PBS New Hour: Why I Stay in School?

On the Internet:
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