Connecting with Other Educators
Following People or Boards:
When you log in to Pinterest on your home page you will see pins by people that you follow.
You can follow:
  • People - If you follow a person you will see everything that they've pinned recently on your home page when you log in.
  • Boards - If you follow a specific board you will only see the items that are pinned to that board.

Unlike facebook you do not have to follow a board or a person to view their Boards or Pins

Liking a Pin:

If you like a Pin it will appear in your likes at the top of your home screen. I like things that I think are neat but that I realize aren't very useful to me.

You can comment on your own pins or on pins of others. You don't have to repin or like a pin to comment on it. If you are pinning or repinning comments I suggest that you comment on your pin so that other people understand why you pinned the item or what the link will lead the to.

Finding Educators to follow:

  1. Follow your friends that are teachers.
  2. Go to the Education Board on Pinterst and find pins that match your interests. Click on the persons name to get to their boards and follow the ones you're interested in.
  3. Look for the Follow Me on Pinterest buttons on your favorite blogs or educational websites.

I've created a Google Doc that you can add your username/ Pin Board link to.
This will be a great place to collaborate and find teachers that teach at the same grade level or in the same subject area.