Getting Started - The Basics
One of the reasons why Pinterest is so popular is because of it's ease of use! Don't worry in just a short time you'll be ready to start Pinning!

1. Request an invite! (Be patient it could take anywhere from 1 day to 1 week to receive your confirmation email.)
  • Use this Google Doc form if you'd like me to invite you!
  • Log in using your facebook or twitter account and your information will be pulled in automatically. (picture, profile, etc.)

2. Once you get accepted to the site you're ready to start Pinning and creating boards. When you first log in you're given a set of generic pin boards. (You can delete these, rename them and add more) A pin board is a collection of pins based around a single topic.

3. Now you're ready to start Pinning! A pin is an Image Added to Pinterest. Pins can be added from a website or uploaded from your computer. Pins link back to the original website from which they were taken. Pins can be added from a website using the Pin It button or a variety of apps on an iPad.

Directions for installing the Pin It Button

Tutorials for Using Pinterest