My Do's and Don'ts of Using Pinterest

Don't always follow everything from an individual. If they're into gardening and you're not then don't follow that specific board.

Do be selective in who you follow so you don't get overwhelmed. Follow only selected boards from individuals.

Don't overly self promote your blog, your Teachers Pay Teachers account or whatever it may be. That will turn people off and they won't follow you.

Do share what you're doing in your classroom so that others may see what an AWESOME teacher you are!

Don't Pin Everything you see - This will just make your boards cluttered with stuff you'll probably never use!

Do like things instead of pinning that you think are neat but realize that you'll never actually use!

Don't Pin without linking to the original source. Know the copyright rules and be mindful in following them. Also if you're linking to a blog post make sure it links to the specific blog post that will still be there weeks or months from now.

Do go to the source before repinning so that you can confirm that you're not violating copyright laws.

Don't let yourself get overwhelmed by the vast amount of "stuff" that is out there and on pinterest.

Do have fun and enjoy pinning! If it is consuming your life take a break! : )

Do label your boards. This helps other people decide if they'd like to follow your boards and it also helps your boards get noticed in the search.

Do write descriptions for your pins and change the descriptions that someone else has added to a pin before you pin it. Your followers will enjoy reading your descriptions!

Do comment on other people's post that you may not want to like or repin! This is a social network. Enjoy socializing with people all over the world.

Do create a profile. It's helpful to others as they are following your boards or pinning your stuff to know what you do. It's a good networking tool!

Do share your favorite pins through Facebook!

Do repin items into more than one board if you think that it applies to more than one category and so you can find it.

Do rearrange your boards so that they make sense to you and are timely. For example at this time of year I'm going to put Christmas ideas at the bottom. In December I might want put that board back up at the top for easy access.

Happy Pinning!